How to change a life with sport – John Pearce – GB Handball

Today I wanna share the second part of my main project.

A film about a friend of mine – John Pearce that was a part of the London 2012 Olympics.
Its in the serie of “How to Change a life with Sport” this is the second part after the film about Paralympian Steve Brown

Enjoy and please if you have any comments on the video fell free to get in touch.


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How to change a life with sport – Steve Brown – GB Wheelchair Rugby

I wanna share with you my main project on the day for changes.

The 1 of january is the day most people choose to start on a new page with new goals. Everything for weight loss to stop smoking to just trying to be a more outgoing type. For most people these goals are hard but imagine having to start from new from one day to another without choosing it for yourself.

This is the story about Paralypian Steve Brown, who in 2005 got his life turned around after breaking his neck. How he learned to use this new version of his old body, accepting the wheelchair and still getting the most out of his life.

Please if you have any comments on the video fell free to get in touch.


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LONDON 2012 Day 1

SO I made it to London now (actually i have been here for a month now just haven’t gotten around to writing anything –  sorry)

But yes I now Live in London, I started my internship and its awesome! Don’t really need to say anymore there – I really like being at the company.

I moved into a house in Hampstead with a lot of danish people (it kinda fells like coming home to DK after work when you live there).

I got a UK number, i visit Primark (OMG and so did half of England publication to that day) and became friends with a Starbuck employee (DISCOUNT yes Sir = WE LIKE) so basically I’m a London’er now. 😀

Enough about that 😀

YESTERDAY I went to see the Torch Relay Day 69 at Chalk farm (Camden town) It told around 2 min for Sir Clive Woodward to start walking till it had passed me and people started to walk away again. Normal when something is only 120 sec you get kinda disappointed but in some how till was still awesome. The felling around in the crowd even though it was before 7am was not like anything I have ever tried. Nobody was made or complained about the fact that we where thousands of people in a very small amount of space.

I tried to film the Torch going by me and I but it on youtube so take a look – If i may say my self my spot was pretty good.

Me and the Torch’s bikes guards 😀

I all so filmed the warm up coca cola did before the Torch started together with the Torch bearers. (not the best quality but you can get the felling at the place)

Thats all for new – i will be back soon with more. Next week Im going in to the Olympic park to see the Denmark/Spain Handball so watch out for pictures.


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SO I had my second part of my kettle cross education this weekend AND I PASSED the exam.

So now FINALLY I’m can call myself certified KettleCross instructor!

It was been the hardest fitness education I have EVER been on. My body is so beaten I don’t know how I will get home in bed but at the same time Im totally high on passing and now being a KettleCross instructor!!!!

Here is the program I made for my final exam class (1 min each):

Kettlecross exam:

Block 1:
1.  Lunge to biceps
2. Kettlebell Halo
3. kettlebell lunge twist
4. russian top twist
Present:  kettlebell to partner (situp)

Block 2:
1. Triceps kickback
2. One hand biceps curl
3. Windmill
4. Kettlebell cross situp
Present: Kettlebell situp -feets in the ground

Block 3:
1. Kettlebell squat
2. kettlebell squatpress
3. Sumo High pull
4. Sumosquat with kettlebell biceps till overhead
Present: 15sec rockclimber // 15sec mountain run x2

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Watch the Throne!

This weekend I went to Herning to see the Watch the Throne show the 26 may with Kanye West and Jay-Z and OMG that was so AWESOME!

2 stage, giant screens and LOTS of Pyro effects. The perfect recipe to a great show and it was. Starting out with just Kanye on the big stage and then suddenly the middle stage lights up and there is Jay-Z raising 5 meters up into the air on a blue square. 12000 fans screaming like crazy it was almost unbelievable. The show lasted for 150 min no stop power by the 2 artist. Amassing is the only word to describe it.

Im normally not a hiphop type but this show I knew I just had to see!

I loaded up 2 videos from the show to my youtube account:

Here All of the lights by Kanye West

And Ni”as in Paris with Jay-Z and Kanye West (the played this song 4 times and this is the last one.)

(notice Kanye ask a girl for her t-shirt and 10 others throws their shirts on the stage)

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Goodbye Nikita

So a week has passed. Not the best week even I have had. My 14 years old dog had to be put down cuz the cancer had spend to her back so she was losing the felling of her legs. Every 3 step she would take her but would fall down, It was really hard to look at so I toke her to the vet and he said it was time :'(. Nikita 16/05-98 — 23/05-12 ♥ The best dog you can get.


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KettleCross course

So this weekend is not so much in the name of London but in the name of Fitness.

I was in 2008 trained to be an fitness instructor after the center I trained at had notice it looked like I had a lot of extra energy when I trained by that I for example sang a long – a lot! So their offered me the basis instructor, step and Aerobic and physiology and anatomy courses. Since then I have overbuilt them with body toning, basis cross fit, dance, dance aerobic and functional training.
Now the time has come to that I’m taking a Kettlecross course which I signed up for in January so its FINALLY here. I have been counting down for this for a long time.

To you who don’t know what Kettlecross is its a training from where you use Kettlebells mixed with doing Crossfit exercises.

(on the pic you see my personal lovely green one – 8kg)


“The kettlebell or girya (Russian: ги́ря) is a cast-iron weight (resembling a cannonball with a handle) used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.” (

Mixed with CrossFit that is the principal strength and conditioning program used by many police academies and military around the world.

The course rounds form the 18-20th may and again on 2-3th June so I will get back later with how it went.

Thats it for tonight


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FINALLY I got myself together to make a blog!

I know my blog says to be about live in London, but to be true – Im still living in Denmark.

6 weeks from now and I will be live from London! So for now its from DK about getting ready.

For this weeks count down I made GB nails (see photo) maybe a little childish but i love :D. I can’t believe there is only 6 weeks till I move!!

GB nails

Thats all for now but stay turned 🙂


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