LONDON 2012 Day 1

SO I made it to London now (actually i have been here for a month now just haven’t gotten around to writing anything –  sorry)

But yes I now Live in London, I started my internship and its awesome! Don’t really need to say anymore there – I really like being at the company.

I moved into a house in Hampstead with a lot of danish people (it kinda fells like coming home to DK after work when you live there).

I got a UK number, i visit Primark (OMG and so did half of England publication to that day) and became friends with a Starbuck employee (DISCOUNT yes Sir = WE LIKE) so basically I’m a London’er now. 😀

Enough about that 😀

YESTERDAY I went to see the Torch Relay Day 69 at Chalk farm (Camden town) It told around 2 min for Sir Clive Woodward to start walking till it had passed me and people started to walk away again. Normal when something is only 120 sec you get kinda disappointed but in some how till was still awesome. The felling around in the crowd even though it was before 7am was not like anything I have ever tried. Nobody was made or complained about the fact that we where thousands of people in a very small amount of space.

I tried to film the Torch going by me and I but it on youtube so take a look – If i may say my self my spot was pretty good.

Me and the Torch’s bikes guards 😀

I all so filmed the warm up coca cola did before the Torch started together with the Torch bearers. (not the best quality but you can get the felling at the place)

Thats all for new – i will be back soon with more. Next week Im going in to the Olympic park to see the Denmark/Spain Handball so watch out for pictures.


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